Micro Extra 40×70

Micro Extra 40×70

Micro Extra 40×70

A new generation microfiber cleaning cloth produced with high technology. It provides excellent cleaning performance that does not leave lint and lint, has high suction power, does not stretch to the left and right, is stable, ultra light and fast drying, strong in general use. 100' gsm/m' 70% polyester, 30% polyamide.


Usage Areas

  • Glass Surface
  • Mirror
  • Windows
  • Stainless steel
  • Wood
  • Automotive
  • Boat
  • TV
  • CD
  • Monitor

Product Data

  • 2 Pieces in Package
  • 10 Packages in a Box
  • 40x70cm

Product and Shipping Information


  • Category Hi-Tech High Technology Fabric